MMEPL is rendering Project management Consultancy services and Technical advice to MRIDC for the Pune-Nashik Semi High-Speed rail project since August 2020 till date. The Assignment comprises of Preparing Initial Proposal of Tunnelling and supporting Methodology with Time schedule, Developing Special Conditions of Contract, along with specifications, Tentative Drawings for 18 No. of Tunnels (24.08 km) in connection with Semi High-Speed Rail Project.

The Project will provide a boost to the Rail Infrastructure Projects in Maharashtra State.

MMEPL Roles in this project are as under:

  1. To Provide Initial Proposal for
  2. Providing Scope of Geotechnical & Groundwater Investigation Programme, with drawings and Identifying locations for Seismic Refraction Survey.
  3. Preparation of detailed layout of tunnels including Identification of Critical locations of a Tunnelling Project
  4. Study of Geotechnical investigation data, Digital Ortho Mapping, other relevant data & suggesting improvement, or any additional tests if required.
  5. Suggesting suitable methodologies for the construction of tunnels on the basis of geology and Cost Comparison including Developing Time schedules and requirements of Equipment/ Plant & Machinery.
  6. Recommendations for framing tender documents & Developing Special Conditions of Contract.
  7. Preparation of Bill of Quantity along with item-wise details of specification as per requirement.
  8. Providing details on potential environmental impacts in terms of noise, vibrations, dust, etc.