MMEPL Developing Jaitpur Depot Layout.


MMEPL successfully completed a Project on Developing Jaitpur Depot Layout Plan on extension of Aerocity –Tughlakabad Corridor upto Jaitpur with the fixing of Jaitpur and Jaitpur ext. stations as per suitability, phase –IV of Delhi MRTS Project, the Depot will beedifice with civil works including revamping of track turn outs.

The Salient Features of this project are as under : 

  • Preparing Shaft Layout arrangement for TBM retrieval and ramp arrangement for the depot.
  • Fixing Suitable Alignment from the proposed/ to be incorporated Underground Jaitpur Station and Jaitpur Extension Station (UG and at grade) and developing Jaitpur Depot Layout Plan for catering nearby population.
  • Preparing various options for Depots Layout
  • Proposing various options to DMRC for at grade depot for maximum utilization of Land.
  • Developing Layouts matching with the Corridor alignment,Showing the provision and area earmarked for Main Workshop Building, DDC Building, permanent Way Building Coach unloading platform, RSS, Wash Bay, Sewage and Effluent Treatment Plant, Test Track lines, Office , canteen, UG water tank store, side road, along with leaving maximum possible area for Property Development.
  • Developing Layouts as per the DMRC metro guidelines on radius, turnouts, cross over and gradient, further showing provision of maximum stabling lines for the current and future provisions.
  • Suggesting the formation level of depot and related structures with respect to vicinity and proximity.