MMEPL successfully completed Work of Topographical Survey of 150 ha and 1.5 km track layout carried out for the feasibility of proposed land for Tughlakabad Depot of Phase-IV of Delhi MRTS

The Salient Features of this project are as under: 

  • Carrying out Topographical Survey of the Area along the proposed alignment of the Track layout to Depot.
  • Developing Control Points using precise leveling and Marking and fixing steel plates in case of triangulation pier control.
  • Designing of horizontal and Vertical Track Alignments.
  • Establishing GPS Control Points.
  • Checking the Alignment accuracy by way of triangulation.
  • Carrying out leveling and developing L-section of the alignment.
  • Precise leveling for Control Points using digital level.
  • Pegging of the Alignment with center line marking.
  • Tree Survey affected during the work.